Tax audits

    Tax audits

    Our accounting office provides comprehensive support to companies and individuals during tax audits carried out through the Tax Office, K.E.ME.EP and K.E.FO.ME.P. 

    Tax audit means the process performed by the relevant audit body for the purpose of auditing the fulfillment of tax obligations of companies and individuals. Tax audits are carried out in all branches of business and can be carried out either by the offices of the Tax Administration or in the form of on-site audit, at the company's premises.

    Having expertise and experience in tax audit procedures, we can support you throughout their performance and contribute to virtually every stage until they are completed. We undertake the collection and compilation of the data required by the tax auditors, we evaluate the possible effects of the findings and we prepare you to deal with them by designing alternative strategic solutions. In addition, we support and effectively represent you in the negotiations with the tax authorities and, if necessary, we submit a request for reconsideration (appeal) to the Dispute Resolution Directorate of the Ministry of Finance.


    Email: info@amouzakis.gr