Services for individuals

    Services for individuals

    We consistently and efficiently serve your every need, from the submission of your tax return and the timely settlement of your tax obligations to the settlement of unresolved tax and insurance issues in the public services. In addition, we specialize in the mediation and processing of tax audits through the Tax Office and KEFO.MEP as well as in the tax support of your real estate.


    • Submission of tax returns
    • Advisory services on issues of presumption and consumption of capital to avoid high taxes.
    • Submission of declarations of real estate data E9
    • Applications for benefits and allowances (A21, rent allowance)
    • Transfer processing to the Tax Office. Residents Abroad and their tax representation
    • Submission of leases - lease solutions - COVID declarations
    • Short-term leases (Airbnb)
    • Representation and processing of bureaucratic work in Public Services
    • Inheritance issues, parental benefits and donations
    • Double taxation procedures


    Email: info@amouzakis.gr