Labor and Insurance

    Labor and Insurance

    Our accounting office provides valid advice to local and international companies on all types of labor and insurance issues such as job subsidies, payroll, severance pay, labor inspection problems, etc. In addition, we can undertake tax disputes between partners, employer & employee , or with the public, as well as to guide you to the best possible solution for labor issues, based on current legislation. Our services related to labor and insurance issues are, among others, the following:


    • Payroll calculation, maintenance & computerization
    • Calculation of contributions and amounts payable
    • Compilation and submission of temporary and final VAT returns.
    • Submission of detailed periodic statements (APD)
    • Monitoring of collective agreements
    • Issuance of payroll statements & printing of detailed individual receipts of employees' salaries
    • Management of recruitment, departures and cooperation breaks through ERGANI
    • Inventory - start of work, in Insurance Funds
    • Posting a Board of Labor Inspection Staff
    • Consulting for all types of labor and insurance issues
    • Providing legal advice on terms and conditions of employment
    • Providing legal advice on termination of employment and dismissal issues
    • Advice on issues related to maternity leave, illness, part-time work, part-time work and pay protection


    Email: info@amouzakis.gr